Jasmine Jordan returns with her second single of 2018. This is a heartbreakingly honest RnB record that connects with anyone who has ever wanted someone at the wrong time.

Forbidden Fruit paints the picture of two individuals who have shared a special moment in life while having to face the painful reality that sometimes what you want, isn’t available at the moment you want it. It doesn’t always go according to your plan or time table. This song is a plea for the person you love to fight for you. It takes you back to those special moments but always ends the flashbacks with the acceptance that forbidden fruit is not to be touched or eaten. It’s an off limit zone.

This RnB track embodies and emotes the human in all of us. The vulnerability involved in being honest about some of the most painful moments in love. Forbidden Fruit is a heartfelt song with a melody, lyrics and harmonies sure to touch every listener.

Mixed and Produced by: Andre de Santanna